SanDisk Ultra Fit, Small Super Size Super Large Capacity

SanDisk released the latest version of flash drive series Ultra Fit them.

SanDisk Ultra Fit

SanDisk Ultra Fit
An object that is very mini can store very large data. That first impression on the latest version of SanDisk USB 3.0. The size of the flash drive is very small, but with a capacity of 128 GB, these objects can store HD video with a duration of 16 hours.

This was followed by a large capacity transfer speed of 130MB / s which makes you do not have to wait long when transferring data.

But the mini size can be a trap for careless users putting the device or put it in a big place so hard to find.

Hence, such a suggestion SanDisk, Ultra Fit 3.0 flash drive should be used as a backup memory that is always attached to your computer or laptop. You do this by plugging in the laptop and do not move it.

128 GB SanDisk Ultra Fit is marketed at a price of $119.99.

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