Sophisticated! 5 This Robot Can Be a Friend and You Buy Now

Jaka often amazed to see films on television robot. In the film shown robot has a wide range of capabilities, ranging from attacks with high-tech weapons, to be a friend of man. Absolutely great, inanimate objects but can be like living things.

Well, as the development of technology, now robots can you have. So, to be our friends, these robots are not equipped with weapons because it is illegal. But still powerful!

5 Robot That Can Become a Friend of Man

Well, robots what has been developed and can we have? Direct listened to ya!

1. Robelf

Starting developed in 2014 until now, he Robelf. The robot is designed to be part of the human family. Equipped with many features, ranging from keeping the house, charging automatically, be a friend to children and much more. You can get a super advanced robot in August 2017 through a fundraising site Indiegogo community

2. Cozmo

Anki developed by the company in San Francisco, he Cozmo. A small robot and make cute little exasperated. How not, the article of the robot is made differently than most robots. When other robots always obeyed the orders of his master, the robot is actually rejected it, like mischievous and playful with his master.

These robots could you have today through Anki website. The price offered to have this cute robot, also fairly inexpensive when compared to other advanced robots

3. Jibo

This robot is actually almost similar to but not as sophisticated Robelf it. Jibo robot does not have the ability as Robelf can walk around. Pity yes, the robot can not the road. To have this Jibo robot, you have to grope in the fund somewhat.

4. Big I

One more robot family is really sophisticated. Developed by NXROBO of 2015. Big I have a very compact form, but the robot still has a lot of functions like its competitors. Starting from keeping the house, play, take photos of moments with family and much more. This robot you can buy at a fundraising site Kickstarter community.

5. Pepper

This robot the size of a human child. There is one unique thing of Pepper rather than robots before. SDK (Software Development Kit) of this robot turns out to be open source. That is, these robots can actually be used as any tablets. Want to be a waitress at the mall can be, want to be able to cook well, and more.

Unfortunately, the robot is still not sold freely, and the new territory of Japan is allowed to buy this robot. But on the other side of it, and not sold freely, the price is quite fantastic.

So the robot where would you like to have? please share your friends