Super Secure Operating System from North Korea Turns Could burglarized with A Link

Image-Red Star version 3.0
Conditions in North Korea is far different from the atmosphere in other countries. Especially for technology access. 

However, it is of interest expressed in some time ago. Namely, the existence of North Korea's operating system called Red Star OS. It is built based on the Linux operating system and claimed to be super safe.

This operating system has been in North Korea since 1998. And, in 2016 has provided Red Star version 3.0 that can only be used by computer users in the territory of North Korea. Of course, the operating system is only available at the introductory language of Korea.

However, who would have thought, a security company called Hacker House can break into the operating system from North Korea in a simple way. Just putting malicious links as a method of phishing, hacker House has been able to fully mengontorol Red Star OS-based computers. Uh oh!

Researchers from Hacker House also explain how the methods they use to pave the super-secure operating system belongs to the North Korea. In the report quoted from Softpedia, mentioned that they were using a browser application called naenara which is the default browser on the Red Star. In North Korea, naenara usage rate was higher than Firefox.

Of course this has to be some serious homework to North Korean officials. Moreover, the operating system is a manifestation full control of North Korean society in cyberspace by a government that is led by the President of the Kim Jong Un. By using this operating system, the tracking of the data stored on a computer can be done easily.