This Android Smartphone Will Can Run Windows Apps?

Make you a Linux operating system users, sometimes we need a specific application, which unfortunately is only available for Windows OS. Luckily there is a Wine application that solves the problem.

Wine is a helper application Linux. Another function is not to help you if you want to run Windows applications on Linux (not dual boot or virtual PC). Well, the news interesting is the Wine will soon be available for Android.

Android Supports Windows Applications

Android Supports Windows Applications
This means that Android smartphone users will be able to run applications designed for Windows OS. Initially, Wine will be available for Chromebooks. Fortunately, finally available for Android. Sound very promising does not it?

Reporting from Tech Viral, Wine latest version 2.0 will be released in December or January next, which is preceded by a phase of freezing (freeze) code some more time.

They are also busy developing layer support HID (Human Interface Device). This layer can be used to communicate with the device joysticks, keyboards, gamepads, and others.

The development also exists in Direct3D support DirectX 11. To date, DirectX 11 has not been able to walk normally, they need the addition of new features and improvements in compute shader, GL-core and multithreaded command stream. Curious, right? We look forward to any progress ya!


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