This is the Interview Process Need to Apply Current Crossed on Google!

Almost every person in the world who understand technology, definitely wanted to work at Google. Yes, the giant company whose products you use besutannya often this is one of the dreams of most people in the world.

However, do you know what the interview process to be followed if you are applying in the company 'monsters' such as Google? Does anyone know? If not, through this article, Jaka will give you information about the interview process at Google's office.

This is the Interview Process Need to Apply Current Crossed on Google!

Look guys, cited Techworm, based on the source of the career site Dice, 78 percent of companies expect their recruitment more in the beginning of 2016. By doing so, meaning there will be a lot of jobs that could be filled by the applicant from grade entry- up to the executive level.

Currently, there are more than 100 companies outside the United States, which opens opportunities. In fact, the available vacancies exceeds the existing job applicants. Of course, the combination of these two would be a good time if you're hunting for a job. On the other hand, according to a recent report from Glassdoor Economic Research, in every job interview process on average takes up to 23 days.

Well, from data such as pictures table above, the duration of the interview a long time due to the size of the company itself, the location, as well as increasingly stringent screening process to finally get a salary offer.

Unfortunately, the work in the field of technology most in demand this year, the position of Software Engineer became the interview process is the most time consuming. Such a process could reach more than a month or exactly 35 days. Whereas, for the position of Product Engineer, can achieve four weeks.

Therefore, researchers from GetVoIP, conducted a study that managed to make 100 review is based on research from Glassdoor. The research aims to identify the trend of overall experience in the recruitment process Software Engineer position of 13 giant companies most popular in the world. One company that has become an example of his studies is Google.

Weve, How Sih Interview Process on Corporate Giant?

The study involved the giant companies, among others, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Intel, Cisco, Yelp, Yahoo, Uber and LinkedIn. In general, every company has a different way to start hiring. For example, IBM, Cisco and Yahoo, initiate a phone interview. Meanwhile, Amazon and Twitter, using methods that require applicants to take an online exam, before the company call them.

Then, seven other companies, including Google, begin the interview process with call screening system. Well, for the Amazon itself, the first tests have been conducted online, will go into the process with the second online test. After applicants complete all tests and calls via telephone, the interviews directly at the site will be done as a last step. However, only Yelp job applicants who did the interview via Skype.

Then, Mana Businesses Hardest to conquer?

As you can see in the figure the previous table, Twitter office of a company that received the highest negative responses with the percentage reached 42 percent. Then, if Twitter and then became a company that formidable? Not really. Keep in mind, especially for those that like a job in technology, Google is a company that has the most difficult recruitment process among other companies.True, of 5.0 points, Google occupies 3.4 points in the level of difficulty. However, pulling 56 percent of the applicants were tried at Google's office instead catapult positive feedback after the interview process. So, if you're applying for in Google, you'll definitely have an interesting experience afterwards.Well, that's the interview process conducted by a few giant companies like Google. How do you still interested in trying the Google office to apply for a job? If so, I hope you have the opportunity and the opportunity was yes. Oh yes, Jake had a question for you. Who does not want to work at Google? Give your best answer in the comments field below ya.