Tips Using Dubsmash App On Android

For your active user of social media, would have known who named dubsmash. Yes, dubsmash itself becomes viral virtual world once widely used to make a variety of interesting and unique video invite laughter.

Previously users had digemparkan social media with video dubbing short trend in the application Instagram. However, after the presence dubsmash many social media users choose to move because of its practicality and ease of wear. Now these applications already exist in all flatform dubsmash, not to mention Android and iOS.

Talking about dubsmash application for android, not least android novice users are still confused about how to use this application. Well, what a coincidence because this week's time we will share information about How To Wear dubsmash applications in Android, be it a tablet PC or smartphone.

Well, for those who are curious and want to know how the full, go see our review of this one carefully.

Tips Using Dubsmash App On Android 

1. The initial step is to make sure dubsmash application is already available in your android. If not please download in the Play Store.
2. Next install and open the application.
3. You will find the page Add Language, for your convenience, select the language "English" and "USA".


4. Before we make a video dubbing, is required to register by going to the settings menu in the application.

5. If you already have an account, you are automatically logged only. But if not you can choose the register.

6. Fill in all the fields, ranging from email, password, user name to the age.

7. If you've filled all, just click register.

Arriving at this stage you already have an account dubsmash and ready to make a video dubbing. For more details, beriktu creating videos easy and fast dubbing with dubsmash applications.

1. If you are signed in to the app dubsmash, directly click "Create Dub".
2. After that select the audio where you want to make voice dubbing in video that will be made.
3. If audio is selected, press Start to begin making its dubsmash video.

4. If the video is taken less suitable and up, you can do video capture repeatedly.

5. Click Next at the top right of the screen when making a video is already finished.

6. Then dubsmash will mempreseo dubbing video that you just created.
7. There beberaoa storage method, from start to distribute them to social media such as facebook, instagram and whatsapp.

8. Not only that, you can also save it in the gallery and then played again.

Easy and simple is not it? Well, you wear dubsmash android app, now you can freely create unique as unique as to make a video dubbing funny and interesting. It seems that, up here we encounter first on how to use the application on android dubsmash. 

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