Turbo League, Rocket League Create Mobile Gamers

Gamers who love competitive games and sports, or arcade-style car game lovers would have been quite familiar with the game ball titled Rocket League. Yes, the Rocket League you control the jet-powered car to play ball along with four other team members.

Turbo League

Turbo League
Indeed, the game of football with cars is not a new concept. This game mode in the game "open world racing slash" on PS2 titled Road Trip as well as in one of the arcade racing game that I do not remember the title. But thanks to its focus on the game system, Rocket League is able to provide a more interesting mechanics in the game.

Now back to the topic. Until now, you can enjoy this unique game is just the owner of the PC or the new generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). But soon, the Android and iOS mobile devices also can feel the thrill through the game "cloned" by name: Turbo League!

Fortunately, Four Zero Turbo League Games as the developer is not just a copy outspoken Rocket League for the game "soccer jet car" them. Unlike the Rocket League, League Turbo does not just focus on the game faster with the "three vs. three" players are certainly more suitable for mobile, but also a wider range of car customization.

Not only display certain patterns, but there are also simple shapes such as circle, square, or oval shape as well as numbers and letters that you can combine and give the colors to make your car look more unique.

The plan team Four Zero Games will release a football game this car model "free to play" alias free. Unfortunately they have not divulge more about what features will be available in Turbo League and when this game would be launched into the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS users. Next year, or even two years from now? I do not know, we'll see further information.

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