Uncharted Waters Online, Adventure Exploring the Oceans

Uncharted Waters Online is a MMORPG intriguing and unique. However, unfortunately the game developed by this OGPlanet as received less attention from gamers. Whereas once we can be sure you'll try hooked play this pirate-themed games.

Uncharted Waters Online is itself a trading game 3D MMORPG set in the age of European exploration exploration. As a player, you are free to choose their own destiny as a nation and adventurers, merchants, or soldiers. Quite interesting is not it?

Uncharted Waters Online, Adventure Exploring the Oceans

Uncharted Waters Online

Key Features

Uncharted Waters Online presents a number of key features that are attractive. Some of the main features in question, such as:

  • A Whole World to Explore  
There is a new world that needs to be explored. Sail across vast oceans and find new port seperlu conquer the world through a system of trading or pirate battle with cannons.
  • Nationalities and loyalties 
Uncharted Waters Online players got the freedom to choose six countries (the Netherlands, England, Spain, France, Venice, or Portugal). Furthermore, players need to expand the area of power or if suitable to defect to the Ottoman Empire.
  • Fight on Land and Sea  
Battle in Uncharted Waters Online (PC) include battles on land and sea. Can battle was fierce with all fighting weapons such as swords or guns.
  • Multiple playstyles 
Players can choose three general lines include Merchant, Soldier, or Adventurer. Each of these pathways include skill sets with different gameplay styles.
  • A Global Sandbox
With this feature the player can join the company and build your own story.

Version Update

For those of you who want to try the fun adventures of Uncharted Waters Online be sure to get version updates. Update Uncharted Waters Online which has more new features and game mechanics are more significant. An updated version of Uncharted Waters Online requires you to complete the bike world system seperlu obtain information to assist in sailing. For example, the wind speed and direction.

Massive changes are also striking on the aspects of open world PVP. In the updated version of Uncharted Waters Online (PC) you can find or pirate hunters has been overhauled, especially the mechanism becomes more profitable. The one interesting feature is the system title. If you can collect points Notoriety or fame, then you had the opportunity to create your own style title that will appear as an identity.

Surely fans of PVE will acquire a new dungeon called the Colosseum of Rome. Of course you can already predict the shape of the dungeon was not. An updated version of Uncharted Waters Online (PC) also bring the new system into the dungeon.  

Where you can play mini-games in each dungeon to be able to skip some of the rooms were filled with the enemy. The system also lets you open the secret passage that is usually filled with valuables but guarded by the enemy more sinister.

Also traders More Luck 

To Uncharted Waters Online (PC) version of the update, the character of merchants are also much better off. This is because the skill Accounts are no longer needed in view of market statistics. 

The skill in the latest version even supports to view statistics on the market of the neighboring town. For example, you are choosing the path that traders can see statistics about the price of spices are sold in other cities. So you can visit more cities.

If you have nothing to worry about lack of money. Because you are now able to produce the goods in a private apartment. Only the pace of production in the apartment are usually slower than normal speed. So if you have enough capital is better to produce goods in the factory.

Many Recent Updates

When traced there is still a lot more profitable update. Call it like Imbue skill that allows characters chosen to repeat the skill of pre-selected from level 1. It's just given effect look better after optimizing skill in question. Addition of vessel, type of vessel crews, and so forth. Certainly one bid is attractive enough not to try out the updated version of Uncharted Waters Online.