Wants To Be Master Network? You 3 Certificate Mandatory Get It!

Studied engineering computer network will be crucial in proving our ability later in the world of work. But, capable alone was still not enough. Many are able to apply engineering science computer network, but apparently still underestimated.

Now that you who have been painstakingly studied engineering computer network is not underestimated, I would love to know what you need to get the certificate that you got the nickname expert (master). If it were so expert, do not forget to share for starters friend.

Certificates For Network Engineer

Here are the certificates that are important to you get, so you really recognized as an expert network.

1. Cisco Certification  

Wants To Be Master Network? You 3 Certificate Mandatory Get It!
 Cisco devices have been highly recognized in the world of industry, even obliging banks to use Cisco as a router device. One of the advantages the most important is the level of security from hacker attacks against routers. Hence certificate of recognition from Cisco is very important.

Some Cisco certification can you reach there CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE and CCAR. You can refer to the chart for understanding and determining how the process stages won it all.

2. Certification Mikrotik

Wants To Be Master Network? You 3 Certificate Mandatory Get It!

Mikrotik devices renowned for its ability oprekable (can be customized) as needed. Plus the majority affordable price, making Mikrotik device is used in almost all lines of network, whether the network is small scale to large scale.

3. Certification Juniper 

Juniper product is famous as a competitor of Cisco products. Not much different capabilities with Cisco, but has a much cheaper price range as well as the configuration is much simpler and easier. No wonder if the device is widely used in the world of network industries.

For existing certification JNCIA, JNCIS, JNCIP and JNCIE. For details might note chart yes.

Well how so friends? Is now become clearer about what certification you need to achieve to be a network expert? If there are criticisms and suggestions, leave it in the comments ya friends. thanks.