Xiaomi Launches New Model Electric Scooters, Electric Scooter Mi

Xiaomi launched a two-wheel scooter self-balancing named Ninebot Mini in October last year. Then in 2016, they launched Qicycle Electric Folding Bike in June. The Company and its partners are no strangers to electric vehicles, and a teaser last week also showed adaranya the plan to launch new electric vehicles.

Now, Xiaomi has just officially launched the Mi Electric Scooter MIJIA through crowdfunding platform in China, with aluminum alloy body pesawaat class materials and a portable folding design. Foldable electric scooter is priced by the company at CNY 1999 or around $350 and will be available starting December 15.

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Xiaomi Launches New Model Electric Scooters, Electric Scooter Mi

Mi Electric Scooter has a top speed of 25kmph and is equipped with a lithium-ion battery EV LG 1850 with a capacity of 280Wh. This scooter is equipped with E-ABS anti-lock braking system on the front wheels, while the disc is dual braking system ensures a scooter can be stopped in a subtle way but fast.

Interestingly, Mi Electric Scooter can be folded simply by pressing a button and take as long as three seconds to fold themselves. This tool is also enriched Kinetic Energy Recovery system that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy in order to increase battery life scooter.

Like most other smart devices, these scooters can also be connected with a smartphone via Bluetooth and allows users to track speed, battery life, and battery health. Mi Electric Scooter has a weight of just 12.5kg and therefore it can be carried around with relative ease.

Available in a choice of white and black, Mi Electric Scooter is not certain whether to be available in other countries, like most other Xiaomi products.

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