9 City Building Android Game Best and Most Popular

So many genres of games available on google play store that we can choose to accompany our leisure time, one of which is a simulation game genre. Games with this genre is also very popular, where we can perform various activities in the form of a virtual game. One of the many popular simulation games are Android games to build the city.

Game android built this city can train us in city planning in accordance desires. Games of this type has been widely circulated in the Google play store, so we will provide information about some of the games Android build best and most popular city for you. Consider the following I review.

9 City Building Android Game

1. Paradise Island 

Paradise Island
This game has been very popular, the game Paradise Island where we will build a resort that is in accordance with our own desires. At the beginning of the game this game we have only one dock that can be developed by us. Here we must be the dock attractive place so many inviting visitors.

2. Megapolis

Megapolis is an Android game build the best city and more popular. This game is also very popular because it has a lot of social media played on facebook. Just as Paradise Island, in this game we will also be equipped with one plot of land in a small town that can be developed into a large city. In addition, there are a variety of missions we can do.   

3. Big Business Deluxe 

Big Business Deluxe
This game is also worth a try, because the game Big Business we will get a variety of business missions. Not less popular with the Megapolis, Big Business can also be played via social media facebook. Keep in mind that this game has been played by over 10,000 gamers.

4. Little Big City  

Little Big City
Game Android build the next city is Little Big City. Where in this game we will be in charge of being a mayor with a mission prosperity of a city as well as designing the layout of the beautiful city. By playing this game we can learn to become mayor of a virtual city.

5. City Island 3 – Building Sim  

City Island 3 – Building Sim
Games developed by Sims has been widely played on Android devices.To appealmanage an island andra can feel in this game, because we can set up a wide variety of buildings. Quality good graphics in this game has made more than 15 million people play it.

6. The Simpsons: Tapped Out  

The Simpsons: Tapped Out
Best city building game made by Electronic Arts tells a city decimated by Homer, and our job is to build the city of Springfield in the game The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Our job is to get the donuts as much as possible to build a city to become larger.

7. DragonVale  

Game made by developer Backflip Studios is also very pleasant for us to try. In this DragonVale game we were assigned to take care of an island along with dragons are cute. In this game we can create a farm that resources in our city continues to grow big.

8. Miracle City  

Miracle City
As some of the previous games, the Miracle City we also can build a house and garden and we can get virtual money to menggembangkan city. We can make a beautiful decoration and nice in town we got up so that the residents more comfortable stay in the city.

9. Westbound : Pioneer Adventure  

Westbound : Pioneer Adventure
Android games last city building is Westbound: Pioneer Adventure. Background in ancient times in the cowboy era, our mission in this game is to strive for the city develops very rapidly and be aware of a wide range of crimes in the city.

Similarly, a review of 9 Game Android Build the Best and Most Popular Cities that many people played this month. Hope it can help you find the latest games you want for the gamers.  

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