ASUS G701VI - Gaming Laptop With Specifications "The Rich"

Since the brand launched the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), laptops they sell into one of the coveted game lovers. How not, when ASUS release a laptop with a variant of this ROG family must employ qualified hardware that can support the needs of playing games on laptop.



Well, now ASUS has produced the latest series gaming laptop ASUS G701VI. Unmitigated, the hardware specs are pinned on this laptop series really wah. Senjatai this laptop with Intel Core i7 processor series to 6 Skylake with two variants of the Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i7 6820HK 6700HQ. 

Sufficient feature from this series is the use of graphics card Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX with a screen size of 17.3 inch that has a refresh rate of 120Hz full HD 1080p resolution. For the problem of RAM, this laptop can accommodate 64GB with a speed of 2400MHz.

There is also a new feature in ASUS embed on this laptop, the Trinity Display Technology. The feature is able to connect 3 monitors with 3 different ports. Plus the features ESS Sabre DAC has the ability to sharpen the sound quality, reduces distortion, powerful bass and clear sound quality.

ASUS Price Latest G701VI

For the price of a laptop ASUS G701VI is likely to reach a value of $ 1873. Given that the quality of the hardware in the plant is not arbitrary.

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