How The Most Easy To Use SSH For Free Unlimited

Perhaps we are already familiar with SSH and its functions. Caused internet price is too expensive in Indonesia, many people are now turning to use SSH. In addition to cost and some even free, the speed of our SSH wear more quickly than by using the Internet the results of purchasing from the Internet operator subscription.  

To use SSH you should still require tools such as a modem and phone sim card you can use Telkomsel, Smartfren, Indosat, XL and 3. Not only can be used on a laptop or PC, but you can also wear it on Android.

Well, for those of you who still do not know how to use SSH, here we will explain how to use SSH is concise and clear. Curious, what to do? Here we share how to complete it for you.

The following tips and trick wear SSH is easy and simple:

To be able to wear your SSH requires Bitvise, Inject and also Proxifier to get it you can download it via Google.

How to use SSH for unlimited internet is easy and simple:

How The Most Easy To Use SSH For Free Unlimited

1. Please use the carrier card according to your wishes, for this time we put IM3 then connect your modem to the Internet.

2. Then use Inject Header Query (IHQ) + config.

3. Then open the app Bitvise that you have downloaded earlier, you can use the config but if config already no longer function, you can use SSH to SSH Anyar can be found on the internet.

4. Settings: If the config has been successfully loaded, when the Login tab please click Proxy Settings and check Use Proxy.

5. Furthermore, the content server with a number ip address: (you must fill) and Port: 8888 (compare the listen port injection) directly press OK.

6. In Bitvise, entry into service tab and then tick the enable and contents listen Interface: listen 1080 port (not a problem if a different port, but should be similar to that of the port proxifier).

7. Then you can press the login button.

8. Open the application Proxifier then click on the menu and press Ad proxy settings and enter data as follows.

Port: 1080 (does not matter if a different port, but should be similar to the port on tap Bitvise service).

Press OK and Ok back.

9. Then click the icon Proxifications Rules, the proxy press action profile that was created earlier and then immediately press OK.

10. If you use borwser web applications such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox directly without any proxy settings. Done, now you can enjoy free unlimited internet. 

It's finished we discuss how easy to use SSH to free surf unlimited. Hopefully what we discussed this week, the time can be beneficial to your need. 

Good Luck ! ! ! 

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