How to Make Time Lapse Videos On Android, Easy And Simple

For those of you who are fond of photography are not necessarily familiar with the time lapse. Yes, time lapse itself so closely with the video. Other languages are recording a video to the movement slowed, but can you see in so short a period of time.

Examples of video time lapse video itself is a change from daytime to evening you can lohat with a few seconds. Not only that, there is also a time lapse vide pupal metamorphosis to become a beautiful butterfly that can also be seen in such a short time. Well, to be more clear about the example of a video time lapse, you can find the full video on Youtube by entering the keyword time lapse.

Beyond it all, do you know if other than just a professional camera or video recorder that can create a time lapse video. Yes, because now Android is increasingly sophisticated cameras only and it could be to create a time lapse video quality is not much different from a professional camera.  

Unfortunately, not many Android users who know how to create a time lapse video using a camera that his gadget. Well, then from that week's time we will share information about how to create a time lapse video or super fast with ease and quality results. Curious? Here's how the full.

How to Make Time Lapse Videos On Android, Easy And Simple 

Time Lapse
1. Download time lapse camera app in the Play Store and install it. Here we use an application called Lapse It is quite practical and simple, and can be used in rendering. Open the application by tapping on the (New Capture), then with Automated recording screen and the camera is active.

2. Set the duration to record with the tap of a button keduda left there under the screen. In Lapse It is free, the resulting resolution is only 240p and you can not change. Then put your phone in a cool location use the tools of a tripod, make sure the tripod stand firm. At the time of the phone is placed, make sure the phone is not easy to shift or fall.

3. Then tap [Capture]. After that you will andorid camera phones to record and take pictures of objects with automatic time periods already be set beforehand. The number of frames that have been recorded and displayed on the screen will appear. You can also stop recording while tapping the [Pause].

4. If you want to pause the recording process live tap [Stop]. To view the photos into a time lapse video you can see the tap [Play] which is on the left side of the preview button. Then automatically the image will appear to be video.

5. You can also cut specific part in the series of frames is the earlier you record through the [Trim]. To be more interesting you can give a touch effect through the [Effects]. Well, for a sweeter you can add audio through the [Music]. If all pengatursan already finished and settled, tap tap [Render]. Then a series of picture frames and shots can be used as a video. 

Similarly, this time our information on How To Make Video Time Lapse through HP Android with ease. Hopefully the information we convey this time could be beneficial to all of you. 

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