How to Overclock Processor Android Smartphone Easy And Safe

These days a lot of brands of smart phones or smartphones to market their products at an affordable price. Most of the cheap smart phone is a product of China. Yes, now more than 30% market share of smartphones in the world is dominated by the country brand from the bamboo curtain.  

Of course it is enough to prove if the public interest would be the world's mobile phones from China are increasing, the article is also supported in addition to cost competitive specifications.

However, not all cheap android smartphone from China has excellent performance when operated. Therefore, many users feel less satisfied and intends to improve the performance of the phone's owned becoming more stable again.  

One of the common ways is how to overclock the processor. Overclock itself is a great way to increase the frequency (clock) which is in the mobile phone CPU CPU frequency andorid crossed the line after the manufacturers.

As for how to overclock is to maximize the performance of the CPU so that it becomes faster in processing data. But the way this one has a risk, one of the biggest risk at the moment is the overclock the processor to overheat or catch fire.  

If it had been overheated or burned, then automatically your phone could not be used anymore. Therefore, you should be more careful berhatu again if'd do this one on your own android. Well, here are ways to overclock processors with ease and simplicity.

One of them is to involve a specific application that is SetCPU. For more details, below is how to overclock your android phone with SetCPU easy and secure. Let directly, we see the full review below.

How to Overclock Processor Android Smartphone Easy And Safe

Overclock Prosesor
1. The first is to make sure first if your android phone is already in a state of root.

2. Then you can directly download and install the application SetCPU, can download in the Play Store.

3. If the application is already installed, open or run the application SetCPU.

4. Sign on the application, you will be presented with two meni namely "Continue Recommended" and "Custom Setup Advance". It helps you choose the "Custom Setup Advance" to facilitate the process of setting.

5. Then you can set the frequency on the screen with a value of max.

6. After that select the profiles later checklists enable profile.

7. Press the add menu and press the plus (+).

8. Next, you select the desired mode to overclock, such as App.

9. If the App is already selected, the next step is to choose the application.

10.Then change the setting sets the I / O Scheduler to CFQ.

11. Press next and wait until the process is complete.

12. Done, now your phone is already overclocked and feel comparison.  

Done already overclock you do on your own android phone. How easy and simple the way? Hopefully useful and good luck. 

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