List of The Best Android FPS Games 2017

For those seasoned gamers will remember the kind FPS game is not it? Well, FPS, or First Person Shooter or more trivial shooting game, a game that was a prima donna among gamers.

There are various types of FPS game Counter Strike for example, the most popular and widely played at the time, but this time existence is disturbed by the presence FPS game more exciting, the game Point Blank and new entrants with captivating graphics such as Call of Duty to Crisis.  

However, already now do you know if FPS games can not only be played via computer PC only? Yes, now FPS games you might have played through your Android device.

Yes, with the elaborate specifications offered by this android device, then we can play a game with good quality also. You could also play FPS games with gameplay and captivating graphic design through andorid you. For those of you who are curious, go see the full review below.

5 Android FPS Game of the Year 2017


FPS game next best Andorid there UNKILLED. Game one is arguably the best because it has a story line that is neat and attractive. This game player will become a hunter of zombies that invade and destroy the earth and all its contents. The situation is tense and creepy will instantly feel at the time you play FPS games on this one.

This FPS game in addition to presenting the gameplay is so interesting and exciting, but also offers graphics are no less interesting than the best FPS game to another. Therefore, waiting for just download this game and feel the sensation of thrill.

2. Crisis Action

Crisis Action
Crisis Action is the Android FPS game that can be said is unique, why is that? Because this game has a character that is so similar to the anime. This game was so soft to play and have a plot that is so interesting and not boring. That's why this game was named the best and most popular FPS game.

3. Dead Effect

Dead Effect
Dead Effect is one of the best FPS game that has a storyline similar to UNKILLED. Yes, this game will bring you complete the mission at war with zombies invaded the Earth. This game also presents gameplay, graphics and audio design which can be quite slick and charming. Moreover, in this game also has provided a variety of weapons to battle against the zombies.

4. Modern Combat 5 : Blackout

Modern Combat 5 : Blackout
Game Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a FPS game android best and most popular today. Well, for your android users who like to play FPS games are attractive and slick, it never hurts to try this one FPS game. This game is designed by one of the leading game developers, Gameloft.

This game has a quality that is not inferior to other 3D games. In addition to a graphical display so slick, this android FPS game also has a gameplay or storyline is interesting and easy to make you bored. Therefore, for you are indeed very idolize FPS game, please download this game on the Play Store for free. 

5. Wild Hunter 3D

Wild Hunter 3D
FPS game this one is different from the previous game, because players will not fight zombies and terrorists, but they have to hunt animals in the forest. Even so, this game offers a story line that is no less interesting and exciting than other FPS games. Not only that, the graphic design of the game Wild Hunter 3D is so indulgent and charming.

That He is 5 FPS Game of the Year 2017 may help in the selection of a good game for your in-game FPS. Do not forget to leave a comment.

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