Top 10 Android keyboard application and Most Popular This Year 2018

The keyboard on the Android smartphone has a function as a navigation tool, but it is used for typing messages, chat, and other activities. But not infrequently the default Android keyboard often encounter certain errors like typos due to the keyboard is not precision. With a variety of functions and errors that occur on the default keyboard, is now widely available keyboard app on Google play store which will meet our needs.

Android keyboard application that has been circulating in the Google Play Store are numerous. Therefore, we will provide information on the application of best and most popular Android keyboard for you. Information from several keyboard applications that we share this time will probably fit your needs, so see the full review below.

Top 10 Android Keyboard Application

1. Apple Keyboard

Apple Keyboard
This application will change the look of our Android keyboard like keyboard-keyboard on Apple devices. Although the design looks simple but elegant kerkesan. In addition, this application is very lightly used and so will not experience lag or the like. Apple Keyboard is also very easy to customize it to be precise with all sizes of fingers.

2. Flash Keyboard

Flash Keyboard
For those of you who love to chat using emoji, keyboard Flash application is very convenient for you to test. Because there are more than 400 emoji that we can use in this application.

3. Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard
Android keyboard app with the name Ginger This keyboard has advantages in accuracy in typing. In addition there is a grammar checking features to a choice of English, and also features grammar detection.

4. Xperia Keyboard

Xperia Keyboard
Xperia keyboard is one of the best Android keyboard application that can be said the most light. Features available in this application is complete, which is almost the Xperia Keyboard supports all languages of the world except Korea and Japan. Accuracy in typing using this application is quite high and precision. Unfortunately, the look of the app is fairly monotonous because it is not equipped with a theme or skin that can be selected.

5. Classic Keyboard

Classic Keyboard
Classic Keyboard is a keyboard application that has a simple look that looks like the iOS keyboard. This alternative keyboard can be said to be very light and does not burden our Android smartphone. In addition, there are features word prediction and also vibration when the touch keyboard.

6. Blackberry Keyboard

Blackberry Keyboard
The keyboard on the Blackberry devices that use BBOS 10 has a great view. For those of you who want to try out how good the keyboard, you can download Blackberry keyboard is in play store for free. The advantages of this application is the Blackberry keyboard has the look simple yet comfortable when in use. In addition, there is a swipe feature prediction, and also a feature to remove the word with a swab.

7. Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard
SwiftKey keyboard also features a very complete to the best keyboard in Android applications. Applications that have a lot of this display uses Artificial Intelligence to learn the writing style, word or even emoji very often used. Autocorrect feature in this application is far superior when compared to other applications.

8. Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard
The next best Android keyboard app called Go Keyboard, this app has many advantages if we compare it with other keyboard apps. In this application we can select the theme that we like, other than that there is a word prediction feature that can help us in the process of typing faster. Another feature is that we can use built-in dictionary that can tell us the meaning of each word.

9. Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard

This alternative keyboard offers features that are complete enough to meet our needs. In the smart keyboard is a multi-language selection, voice input, choice of skin, and also smart dictionary. Applications are relatively mild when used has a view that is simple but decent for you to test.

10. Swype Keyboard

Swype Keyboard
As with any application other keyboard, Swype keyboard also has some exclusive features that can not be found in other applications. In this application there are features such as support for bilingual, so that we can enter a few words in two languages at once. Words that we have entered will automatically be remembered by Swype so we can use it again.

That review on 10 Keyboard Android Application Best and Most Popular. Hopefully this information can add your insight and can be beneficial. 

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