Top 13 Best and Newest Android Games Offline

This time we will provide information about the Offline Android Game Best and Newest to accompany your leisure time. Offline games can be played anytime and anywhere without having to think about the amount of Internet data is used up for playing a game.

So many genres of games that can be played like a strategy game genre, race, war, simulation and many more. Here we will give you information about the 13 best and most popular offline game that you can try on your Android device.

13 Best Android Games Offline

1. Plants VS Zombies 

Plants VS Zombies
In this game we have to adjust strategies in order to survive as long as possible from attack zombies by selecting "plants" or plants that can defeat the zombies.

2. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2
As the name suggests, we will carry out the mission of running to and fro to avoid vicious monsters. We must run in the direction, because if not we will fall into the abyss or even be caught by a ferocious monster.

3. Angry bird starwars 2 Free 

Angry bird starwars 2 Free


Game subsequent offline named Angry bird starwars 2 Free, the latest version of Angry Birds is you can play for free on android devices. In this game we have to shoot targets that we must tear down.

4. Dragon Finga 

Dragon Finga
In this game we will be made at home with a kick-by-kick action ready to be launched for the sake of victory.

5. Dungelot 2  

Dungelot 2
Offline game fun and full of surprises RPG genre. Dungelot 2 tells the story of an underground explorers, here we will carry out the mission survive hordes of monsters. In the process of cruising we can look for treasure or goods that can be useful as well as upgrade its equipment, develop character, and most importantly survive as long as possible in order to get points.

6. Splashy Birds  

Splashy Birds
These birds splashy game takes patience when playing, because we will find little difficulty in playing this game. Bird characters that we play to be flying through the cracks of the obstacles to get points.

7. Sky Force 2014  

Sky Force 2014
Sky Force 2014 is a vertical shooter game genre best. The best games have a high level of excitement and can be friends when we exhausted the quota internet.

8. Soar  

In the offline game we will be the best hooks are doing a lot of high flying scenes accompanied by musical nuances of electro dance music to add excitement to play this game.

9. Despicable Me  

Despicable Me
The unique character of yellow nimble and agile in this game called minion. How to play the game is similar to temple run2, minion must avoid any obstacles in front of him degan ran for many bananas as possible to add points.

10. Subway Surfers  

Subway Surfers
Just as Despicable Me and temple run 2, the game is also required to run race. A game that tells the story of a boy who like doodle wall ran through the tunnel train tunnel to avoid the pursuit of security along with his dog.

11. Fruit Ninja Free  

Fruit Ninja Free
Game Fruit Ninja Free is a game that requires us to have a high speed in downloading slice fruits without the bomb.

12. Zuma (Marble Legend)  

Zuma (Marble Legend)
This game used to be popular and can only be played on the PC, but this time the game can be played on your android device.

13. Hill Climb Racing 

Hill Climb Racing
To the best of the last offline game called Hill climb racing, in this game we need a stable balance to get through a steep road up and down. We be charged to prevent it from falling or tipping over and sped up considerably. 

Similarly, our review of the 13 best games of my version offline. Hope can help you are looking for onffline game today. Hopefully also useful article that I wrote this game.

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