Toshiba E45W-C4200WX - Prices and Specifications Recent 2017

Toshiba E45W-C4200WX Specifications  Quick Spec: Intel Core i5-5015U, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Touch Screen, Intel HD Graphics 5500, USB 3.0 / 2.0, HDMI Toshiba E45W-C4200WX Price: $ 464  Trend laptop that could be tablet apparently still continues. 

And one of your options is Toshiba's E45W-C4200WX. With a price of less than $ 487, you will get all that good of a conventional laptop, and also the practicality and the 'prestige' of a tablet that is very capable.

Compared with a conventional laptop, laptop hybrid or commonly also called laptops 2 in 1, its main advantages is a touch screen that position can be bent up to 360 degrees, alias can be completely reversed and turns the laptop into a tablet. There are also manufacturers who do it with a different approach, namely to completely separate the screen with the keyboard. About where the best design depends on the user's needs anyway.

And E45W-C4200WX Toshiba also adheres to the design of the 360-degree bend screen. It feels a bit strange to those who are not familiar.

Review Toshiba E45W-C4200WX

Toshiba E45W-C4200WX

Design Firm and Challenging 

Arguably firm because that's the way. The corners at both ends on the screen looks like a very firm wants to look dominant. Likewise, the angle at the bottom side. At first glance looks less sweet and all, but considering the weight to 2.2 kg, it feels like this is a suitable design firm. With that much weight, it was mostly women - albeit tough - would think-think to carry it here and there.

This design is also so fitting when we look at the specs Toshiba E45W-C4200WX which is far more resilient than most other hybrid laptop. Of course the price is worth it yes ... If the more expensive it is average to appear thinner and lighter.

Toshiba Performance E45W-C4200WX Steady  

In terms of performance, you can expect more thanks to the presence of an Intel Core i5-5015U dual-core Broadwell generation with a standard clock speed of 2.1 GHz. This version without TurboBoost feature anyway. But it has a very qualified for a convertible laptop screen that can be bent in such a way.

For matters of RAM, 4GB adalahDDR3L luggage. If you feel this is still lacking, there is still the possibility of an upgrade thanks to their two SODIMM slo. As most tablet users, smooth multitasking ability is more important than toughness processor running heavy applications. And 4GB of RAM it is relatively safe. You can still run Office applications, browsing the Internet with multiple tabs open, listening to music or other things smoothly. But remember yes, multitasking inevitably will waste your battery.

Toshiba graphics power E45W-C4200 is not much anyway. Because the laptop could be this tablet does not have a separate GPU. There are already integrated GPU in the form of processor Intel HD Graphics 5500. It's not a bad GPU. It is passable with 24 EU (Execution Unit) at a speed of 300MHz - 850MHz. Arguably quite, because he is quite capable of handling applications with mid-level graphics pengolaha needs while maintaining the efficiency of the battery power. Just do not be forced to play the game hard yes. This is not a gaming laptop.

Another Feature That Gives More Value  

First, you've automatically get OS Windows 10 pre-installed in the purchase package. At a minimum this will make you can directly use it to work without the hassle of installing the OS.

There is a stereo speaker Harman / Kardon are cooperating with DTS Sound to ensure good audio output. Yes, you certainly will not get deep bass sound, but we can be sure you will get detailed sound. Just try to play a music file with 320kbps bitrate or use Windows Media Player. Do the below 128kbps. I swear, it was awful voice.

For business availability of a connecting port with other devices, Toshiba E45W-C4200WX also considered royal. Already there is WiFi b / g / n, 1 USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports (one of which has the features sleep and charge, so it can be used to charge other devices even though the laptop is switched off), then the HDMI port, LAN, and card Reader.

That might be the reason you are not so buy is not their traditional VGA port. Which could easily be tricked by HDMI converter - VGA, or it could be to a certain type of projector, connect via WiFi.

Price Toshiba E45W-C4200  

The price of the latest Toshiba E45W-C4200 is in the range of $ 524. In Some online stores, you can find it at the price of $ 457. 

Specifications Toshiba E45W - C4200WX

  •      Processor: Intel® Core ™ i3-5015U (2.1 GHz, 3M Cache)
  •      Standard Memory: 4GB DDR3
  •      Type Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 5500
  •      Screen Size: 14 inch (1366 × 768 pixels)
  •      Display Type: HD LED Backlit TFT Touchscreen Display
  •      Audio: Integrated
  •      Speaker: Integrated
  •      Storage capacity: 500 GB HDD
  •      Networking: Integrated
  •      Wireless Network Type: Integrated
  •      Wireless Network Protocol: Wireless networking (802.11b / g / n)
  •      Bluetooth: Bluetooth V4.1
  •      Keyboard: Standard Keyboard
  •      Variety Input Device: Touch Pad
  •      Interface / Interface: 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB (3.0) port with Sleep and Charge USB, HDMI, 1 headphone / microphone combo
  •      Operating System: Windows 10 Home SL 64bit
  •      Battery: 3 Cell
  •      Power / Power: External AC Adapter
  •      Weight: 2.2 kg 
Similarly, our review of the Toshiba laptop E45W-C4200WX. Hope it can help you in finding the latest laptops. And if there is one in the making of prices we apologize. 

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