3 Reasons Donald Trump Need to Use iPhone

President of the United States Donald Trump is known glad speak at Twitter. Because of that, Trump discovered still use the old Android smartphone is believed to be the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In fact, should the US president, Trump should not wear your Android phone carelessly and began to move into the mobile phone with high security level. The goal is of course to make the US President was hacked by anyone.

Donald Trump

Recognized by Barack Obama, a phone with a high security level apparently can not be used to take pictures, send messages, also can not be used to play music. In fact, according to Obama, only a handful of people who have been approved that can communicate with them using special phone US president.

Business Insider cites being a president means to be prepared with a number of security risks. There is a middle ground for this, although the security forces US president (Secret Service) do not like it, the US president to use the iPhone. It is believed to make Trump will be much safer than using Android.

Many security professionals assess that the Apple operating system, iOS is much more secure than Android. Here are some reasons why President Trump need to use the iPhone compared to Android.

First, because Apple controls the software whatever is on iOS. Thus, there would be less able to infiltrate the malicious code to the device.

Second, Apple also make decisions that seem rigid, but from a security perspective is very intelligent. For example, all applications on iOS, namely Twitter, forced to use App Transport Security, so that all the traffic is encrypted properly.

Not only that, the iPhone has also been getting the ire of the FBI in 2016, ie, when the federal agency can not retrieve data from iPhone belonging to a terrorist. The FBI also seeks requesting outside assistance because Apple was reluctant to open the back door encryption.

Third, iPhone to get update security patches regularly. Therefore, if Donald Trump uses an iPhone, Apple provides the latest operating system iOS 10 which is believed to improve the whole bug.

Even so, using the iPhone does not mean Trump can not be hacked at all. Foreign countries can still use cyber weapons that take advantage of the weakness that has yet been found in Apple's code. 

Cyber ​​weapon of this kind ever to target iOS last year. Apple also continues to fix the bug. Therefore, if the assistant Donald Trump at the White House can not stop Trump twittering on Twitter, at least they can advise Trump safer use of smartphones, iPhone 7 for example. 

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