5 Cool Apps to Track Stolen Laptops

Because it is often used for work, certainly in yours laptop there are a lot of important documents. Not to mention if you are the type of users who make frequent backups of data from smartphones to laptops, more and more documents on your laptop.
Given the important role of yours laptop, would be mad if your laptop stolen? Let not confused, we love to know five cool application that can be used to track your missing laptop.
To protect and facilitate your efforts in recapturing data and your laptop is stolen, you try to use applications laptop tracker follows:

1. Prey 

Prey is a laptop tracking application available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and several other computer operating systems. By installing Prey on your laptop, you can find out where your laptop if stolen from his website.

Not only track location, Prey also allows you to use a laptop webcam as the media to take photographs of the perpetrators. Cool, right? Unfortunately, the free version of Prey can only be used for three devices at a time.

2. Find My Mac

Find My Mac
Especially for the MacBook user, you can use the Find My Mac feature, if any time is lost or stolen. By using iCloud, you can not only track the stolen MacBook yours, but also locked.

3. LockItTight

Same with Prey, LockItTight serves to track the location and record activity using the laptop thief webcam. In fact, you can take a screenshot of your stolen laptop.
The difference with Prey, the free version is missing laptop tracking application, can be used to 5 devices. Passable more right?

4. Undercover

One laptop tracking application that is quite popular with Mac users is Undercover. Although not free, but Undercover many popular because not only can track the location of the laptop, but also record every activity undertaken by thieves.

5. LoJack for Laptop

LoJack for Laptop
If your laptop is in a lot of important documents, LoJack is a laptop tracking service that you can consider. LoJack system will be locked in the BIOS so installed. The system will keep all the files and important documents on your laptop safely, if the thieves want to delete all your data.
Not only keeping data, LoJack service also has a special investigation team to retrieve and restore your laptop is stolen. If your laptop does not come back within 60 days since the incident, then it will pay compensation.