Again and again Skyscraper-Sized Asteroid Approaching Earth

Earth again reportedly approached the asteroid. This time, the natural object about the size of the skyscrapers of New York's Empire State Building fly close to Earth at a speed of 44 thousand meters per hour.

As reported by the Mirror asteroid named "2015 BN509" NASA is claimed to be in the closest distance to Earth. Revealed, BN509 distance to the Earth as close as the distance of Earth to the Moon.


Dr. Edgard Rivera-Valentín, space researchers from the Universities Space Research Association, said the asteroid height of about 200 meters (660 feet), while the length ranges from 400 meters (1,310 feet).

He also said, is potentially damaging to the Earth asteroids. Unfortunately, he could not predict how the asteroid can 'reach' distance closer to the Earth.

"This asteroid has a shape like peanuts. Because of the unstable, the asteroid can not orbit the Earth well and likely to fall off, past the layers of the atmosphere," he explained.

The asteroid is currently being studied Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico. The researchers will seek out more related to the size, shape, and geological composition of asteroids, and how this thing could continue to fly closer to the Earth's orbit.

In anticipation of greater risk, NASA preparations for warning system called "Near Earth Objects", if the Earth is approached foreign objects. The system is supported by three giant telescopes to see the stretch of natural objects in space.

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