Apple No Longer Use Intel Macbook?

Apple is reportedly developing its own processor made for use on a MacBook. Bloomberg reports refer to this development has been made since last year.

For your information, until now, Apple is still relying on processors made by Intel for its MacBook series. According to the newspaper, the first independent processor from Apple will be similar to that used on the MacBook Pro, 2016.


International Business Times quoted from the processor will use ARM architecture. The Cupertino-based company reportedly will equip the processor with the increase of the battery power consumption.

The chipset is also predicted to be present with Power Nap feature, a feature that allows the MacBook can update its software, receive email, and synchronize calendar though is in Sleep mode.

The report also mentions the ARM-based chipset will be more power efficient, rather than chipset from Intel. Later, this chipset will also be the main CPU of the MacBook series next release this year.Apple has actually uses an ARM-based chip in the MacBook Pro 2016, however, the chipset is used only in the secondary chip that is used to support the functions of Touch Bar.

Apple's move to develop its own processor is similar to that already done by the company against the iPhone, by integrating software and hardware. Nevertheless, there is a possibility Apple did not completely abandon the Intel product and keep it in other products, such as the iMac.

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