Astronomers Find 87 Years Ago Pluto Netizens Furious Information Make It

Did you know, Pluto was discovered on this day, 87 years ago? Yes, Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh, an amateur astronomer. At that time, Tombaugh discovered Pluto through a telescope when he was working at the Lowell Observatory.
Cited Today in Science observatory is looking for amateur astronomers whose task operate the telescope.
Tombaugh job is to control the telescope in some special missions, such as the mission search planet called planet "X". The search had previously been sought by an entrepreneur named Pervical Lowell, where he made the Lowell Observatory in 1984.
Unfortunately, during the mission, Lowell died. However, the search for Planet X continued to be done simultaneously with the discovery of Neptune and Uranus in 1846. After that, then traces of Planet X is found.
When Tombaugh began working at Lowell Observatory, Arizona in 1929, then he found traces of planet X. It uses 13-inch photographic telescope with a camera that can take two pictures of the sky at different days.
He also uses special astronomical devices that can flip through images in fast motion. When images back and forth, the appearance of stars and galaxies could not move clearly.
However, due to rapid image movements, Tombaugh try to see each pair of images within a week. He was trying to look into every image where it is no more than 150 thousands to millions of stars.
A year later, on February 18, 1930, he saw a pair of planetary motion in the pictures taken one month earlier. Tombaugh was only studying and trying to confirm the truth.
On March 13, 1930, Lowell Observatory announced the discovery of the ninth planet, which is the planet X.
Did not take long, the observatory also held a contest giving the name for Planet X's. At that time, a 11-year-old girl named Venetia Burney, suggesting observatory to give the name "Pluto".
British girl said, Pluto is suitable for the planet because the distance is very far and dark. Just like the Greek gods dwelling which comes from hell.
Besides Pluto, Tombaugh was used as the name in one of the regions of Pluto, Tombaugh the Regio. This region has a style that looks like a heart shape or love, and is located on the bottom surface of the planet.

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