Battery Factory Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Burned

Still remember the case of the Galaxy Note 7 explode or burn? The cause of the case, as previously communicated, it has been confirmed that the battery.

This time it was a battery factory burned Galaxy Note 7, Samsung SDI. But in a statement, as quoted by Bloomberg Samsung SDI said it is able to handle the fire quickly.

The pictures on the social networking concept
circulate microblogging China, Weibo, showed that factory affiliated with Samsung Electronics, the black smoke billowing into the air in the region of Tianjin.
Fortunately, according to information from a spokesman named Shin Yong-doo, this fire did not affect the production facility. This fire, Shin said, occurred in the waste storage facility.

Samsung SDI is one of two suppliers of batteries for Galaxy Note 7. Following the withdrawal of products globally, Samsung "kill" Galaxy Note 7. SDI said, this month has invested about US $ 129 million for security. In addition, SDI claims the battery production is also likely to be used in the latest Samsung smartphone.

To note, the Government of South Korea (ROK) will tighten the security requirements of lithium-ion (Li-ion) and conduct periodic inspections. This is done so that incidents like the explosion of a number of handset Galaxy Note 7 will not recur.

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy of Korea explained in a statement that the Li-on battery manufacturing, whose products are commonly used in portable devices, will be under closer scrutiny and checked regularly. A similar policy applies to devices that use Li-ion batteries.

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