BlackBerry, Past Interest Now Drowning

BlackBerry was once the king of smartphones in the 2000s. Who would have thought, is now the BlackBerry have almost no market share again in the world compared to Android, iOS, and a number of other smartphone operating systems.

Quoted from Business Insider in the fourth quarter 2016, more than 431 million smartphones were sold worldwide based firm Gartner published a report on Wednesday.

In a written report, only 207 900 devices with BlackBerry OS. It then makes the BlackBerry smartphone company got the market share of less than 1 percent, exactly 0.0482 percent.

The first rank is occupied by Android OS dominate global smartphone market with a number of devices as much as 352.7 million units sold during the fourth quarter of 2016 (81.7 percent). The second position is occupied by iOS with 77 million units of the device (17.9 percent).

At the beginning of the era of smartphones, the BlackBerry is a prime choice for professionals. BlackBerry comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard as well as email and messaging functions. While other phones do not have this function.

Unfortunately, the company is losing its charm in the eyes of users after Apple launched the iPhone in 2007. Gradually, BlackBerry mobile phone sales slowed because of losing competitiveness.
Then, in October 2015, BlackBerry also released their first Android phone. 

Even so, it seems that the release of the Android OS for BlackBerry smartphones is not so much to make the company's condition changed. BlackBerry CEO John Chen some time ago announced that the company is only able to sell 400 thousand units of mobile phones in the second quarter, 2016.

Impact, 2016 BlackBerry announced that the company will no longer manufacture their own phones. Even so, the company opened a partnership with a third party to manufacture branded mobile phone BlackBerry.

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