Caught Cheating, Men's Uber sues for US $ 48 Million

An employee in the south of France demanding online booking company Uber transportation. He did it after his wife know his affair trail through history Uber reservations on the phone his wife. Lawyer named David-Andre Darmon tell his client ordered Uber services of his wife's smartphone.

After the client logs out of the Uber app on the phone his wife, rather than out of the account, the Uber app just continues to send notifications on the iPhone belonged to the wife, the travel history of the husband who made it caught cheating.

The couple later divorced because of infidelity committed husband. Even so, lawsuits Uber and an unnamed man continues with the value of US $ 48 million lawsuit.

"My client is a victim of a bug in the Uber app," said Darmon told AFP news agency the time of filing the case in the Court of Grasse.

Furthermore, Darmon added, "The bug is making trouble on my client's personal life."The lawyer did not comment on local media about the value of the lawsuit is quite fantastic. He also did not name the clients he represented for reasons of client confidentiality.

Local media Le Figaro mentions that other users also found a bug in the app Uber. The newspaper also experiment by yourself by logging in and logging out Uber app through the iPhone.

Then log in again with the same account on another device, then ordered the Uber service. Apparently, the application then sends a notification on both phones.

Mentioned by Le Figaro, the error occurred on the iPhone that has not updated its software last December.

Meanwhile, the Uber did not leave a comment related to this case. However, they said that the protection of personal data is a priority client companies.

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