Code Name Android "N" Has Appeared?

The latest series of Android, Android N, certainly will soon be introduced this year. After Google released a developer preview of some time ago, this time the user still has to wait for the official name of the operating system.

Citing information from the page of Google Android Police was already having an internal code name for Android N, namely New York Cheesecake.


This code was first known from the initials 'nyc' which appears on several occasions in the repository Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

However, the use of the code name was virtually no effect on the use of the name in the official Android later.

Google is known to have a code name for each version of Android, such as KeyLimePie for Android KitKat, Lemon Meringue Pie for Android Lollipop, and Macadamia Nut Cookies for Android Marshmallow.

Therefore, most likely the official name of the Android N can be different from the code name used today. Use your own name for Android N has indeed been frequently discussed. One of the names rumored to be so named Android N is Nutella.

Earlier, in a visit to India some time ago, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had said there is a possibility opened polls to determine the name of Android N. And, Pichai itself turned out to be serious enough to be the greeting.

Based on recent reports, Google is known to have polled via Google Opinion Rewards. Although not directly ask about Android N, Google asked users about the delicious foods that begin with the letter 'N'.

Some of the names that Google is Napoleon, Nut brittle, Nachos, Nori, and Nougat. Android N itself is scheduled to be introduced at the event Google I / O 2016 on the 18th of May, while the full version will be released in the third quarter of this year.

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