Companies Let Employees Wear It Chip Implant

The use of implantable chip technology was considered risky. Actually, the technology is predicted to be one of the future technologies that can provide convenience for humans.

With this technology, called human can easily access the entire device.

If its application were deemed to be 'patchy', a Belgian company, NewFusion, dare to take a step forward to implement the technology.

Chip Implant
Mashable reported by digital marketing company is allowing employees to use the implanted chip instead of ID cards that are considered old school.

Thus, by using the chip implants, employees can access the company's computer system and perform other administrative matters with ease, such as absent, ordering food or just send messages via computer.

One source of NewFusion mentioned, the application of technology in the company's implantable chips has not yet become a necessity.

Employees will be given the choice, would want to use a type of implant chip Radio Frequency Identity (RFID), which will be embedded into the finger, or wearing a ring that has kept a special chip.

"The chip has the personal data of employees, including special access to the data and enterprise systems," said the source who did not want to be named this.

Application of implantable chip technology is also referred to as a double-edged knife. In addition to offering convenience, it turns out the use of chip implants also called to threaten a person's privacy.

This is because the data in the chip implants are usually not encrypted making it easier for other parties to take the information and data in it. In addition, the chip implant that is equipped with a tracer called giving keluasaan for others to always know the position of the user.

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