Dead Rising 4 Will be Present at Steam in Mid March 2017

As gamers know, Dead Rising 4 has been present in the Xbox One and Windows 10 Store in December 2016 as a second form of timed exclusive for the console.
Now, in February 2017, Capcom announced that the game will also be present on Steam starting in mid March 2017.
Dead Rising 4

This news comes on the YouTube Channel Dead Rising released a gameplay trailer shows the game's features and release date on Steam along with the sound of people talking about the marketing of the game.

Capcom also offers some exclusive items for gamers who pre-order on Steam.
Dead Rising 4 will be priced at £ 39.99 on Steam and will be released on March 14, 2017. For those not familiar with this game, gamers can instantly listen to his trailer in the video below.