Dreams Fly Dubai Taxi Ride Coming Up Reality

Dubai reportedly test taxi or unmanned drones. Reportedly, the drone would be legal taxis in operation by mid this year.

Reported by taxi Mirror pages drones in the Middle Eastern country is entering a process of flight trials.
Dreams Fly Dubai

Later, a taxi drones can carry one passenger with a maximum weight of 100 kilograms, while the duration of flying has been limited in just 30 minutes in the altitude of 1,000 feet.
Because no drones taxi driver, passengers must use the touch screen untum select the destination. There are no other navigation controls in the drone. Taxi drone technology has auto pilot controlled command center of the Dubai government.
The Dubai government said the test flights have been conducted in the city center. While drones used is Ehang 184, Chinese-made drone that has also been tested in Nevada in June 2016 ago.
The drone uses eight propellers with electric engine, it also has the endurance capacity can be recharged within two hours.
Security related, Ehang 184 drone claimed as the safest in the world because it has an integrated security system.
If there is something wrong going on in the engine drone, he automatically will drop to the mainland. Not only that, Ehang 184 is also equipped with a computer network is encrypted to prevent hacking.

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