Email burglarized Hacker, Security Expert David Beckham Rent Siber

David Beckham moved quickly when hackers leaked a personal email on the internet. In addition to providing rebuttal to the email content that tarnished his reputation, he is now recruiting renowned cyber security experts to track the whereabouts and true identity of the hacker.

Superstar hired a security service from London, England, Marclay Associates. She employs Marclay Associates to locate and identify who leaked the e-email. Marclay Associates run by Jack Hockley, who previously worked for the British Government.

David Beckham
A source said that the Beckham responded with a serious leak of the personal email. "Tim Beckham very seriously respond to this and hire the best in the sector," the source said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

As is known, the hacker divulge the contents of private emails Beckham a few days ago. Based on the leaked contents of the email, Beckham is known to perform a variety of humanitarian activities in order to get the title of Knight of the British. As a result, the discovery of the email content that tarnish the good name of the former captain of the English National Team.

But a spokesman for David Beckham says that the email content Beckham has been modified from a third party server.

"This story is based on outdated material taken out of context from a personal email was hacked and forged from third-party servers, and give an inaccurate picture," said the spokesman.

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