Facebook Most Affected Immigration Policy Trump?

A policy that prohibits the influx of immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries to the United States (US) President Donald Trump signed some time ago many protested by technology companies.

One of the technology companies are likely to be most affected by this policy is Facebook. As quoted by Reuters analyst from the US Labor Department said President Trump wants to crack down on immigrant worker visa.


It said more than 15 percent of employees use Facebook to stay in the US temporary work visa H-1B visa manifold. To note, the H-1B visa is indeed a non-immigrant visa in the US, refers to the Immigration and Nationality Act. With the visa, US companies can hire employees from abroad who have a specific job specialties.

Reuters said 15 per cent of Facebook's employees are greater than foreign employees Alphabet (parent company Google), Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft.

Thus, it can be a big problem on Facebook if President Trump and Congress decided to limit the H-1B program. Neither the President nor the lawmakers from the Republican Party has threatened to limit them.

Previously, both Trump and Attorney General Senator Jeff Sessions oppose the H-1B visa program. They also said it is open to reform the policy, to "ensure that beneficiaries of the program are those who are considered the most intelligent," the executive order was read by Reuters.

Trump has not proposed new rules that would target companies linked to the H-1B visa classification. However, Facebook has become one of the major technology companies are likely to be affected H-1B visa policy.

Commenting Refused 

Trump administrative office did not immediately provide comment regarding this matter. Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said, Trump is aiming for the H-1B visa as part of immigration reform through executive order.

Mentioned, they are eligible for H-1B visas are foreign citizens who have certain spealisasi in science, engineers, or computer programmers. Each year the US government provides 85,000 H-1B visa quota through the draw system. Facebook also has not commented in this regard.

The companies had been mentioned, they recruit talented people, but the majority give the visa to the outsourcing company. This is what sparked criticism skeptical that the company uses for the H-1B visa to fill the needs of low-level workers.

Before becoming president, Trump also briefly discussed the H-1B visa program with executives at technology companies, including Chief Operating Officer (COO) Facebook Sheryl Sandberg.On Facebook, those using H-1B visas are given a salary of around US $ 145,550. Meanwhile, outsourcing firm Tata offered US $ 67,950 for the H-1B visa holders.

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