Faster Internet Connections in Space Will Use Laser

Some NASA scientists created a solution to solve the problem of weak internet connections in space. Therefore, they will try laser technology as a medium to bring broadband into the vacuum of space.

According to information posted on the page Slash Gear the US space agency said that the technology has yet to be implemented now.


But they make sure, the laser can emit an internet connection 100 times faster, and they were try for now.

"Laser technology can create a flexible internet connection. This innovation we believe would help the astronauts in utilizing the internet in space," said NASA spokesman.

"Send data from space to Earth no longer takes hours. The data can be photos or video that captured the astronauts or spacecraft," he continued.

In addition, data transmission via laser-based internet connection also claimed to have a number of advantages. One of them, needless to laser technology reduces the memory capacity of the data, so that data is sent as images or video still has a high resolution.

Related data transmission via the Internet, NASA currently uses radio waves. Unfortunately, radio waves have a normal speed under the laser. While laser has a high-speed power and potential.

Take for example, one of the NASA spacecraft to Mars, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, now only has a maximum transfer speed of 6Mpbps, but if using a laser-based connections, would be capable of transfer speeds of up to 250Mbps.

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