Fight Hoax, Society Must Be More Critical

To dampen hoaxes or false information is needed the cooperation of all parties, including the target community of readers. Community asked to be more critical of the information they receive, so do not be fooled hoax.

"Hoax was deliberately created to lead public opinion, so it is necessary digital literacy of the public, so that they could be critical every time it receives the information and look for references to find out the truth of the information," said Chairman of Infocom Society (Mastel), Kristiono, when found in the area Jakarta.

Kristiono also emphasized the aspect of increasing digital literacy, so that people can understand and analyze itself correctly all the information they receive.

Increased literacy society this can be done through various ways such as the active role of government, community leaders and the community, to facilitate access to the right resources on every issue hoax, conduct systematic and continuous education, as well as effective legal action for
its deployment. Literacy here means the ability to understand and analyze a case.

"So to curb this hoax, all parties must work together, not only the government, community leaders and the community. With their sources of information to be guidelines, people can be critical to the news they receive," he continued.

Furthermore, he also hopes social media, short messaging applications, and mainstream media (mainstream), could be partly responsible for all information transmitted. "We hope not only to channel, but they also can filter the correct information so generated can be free of the hoax, and may give a warning about the hoax so that people more aware," said Kristiono.

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