Follow Up Slang, Donald Trump Have an Account Now Snapchat

President of the United States (US) Donald Trump is known ceriwis in social media - especially Twitter. Not a few speaking inviting a wide response from netizens because it is considered controversial.

But if you think Trump is really active and "enjoy" Twitter, it looks like you might be wrong. Because, number one in the land of Uncle Sam has just made a Snapchat account. Yes, social media that loved millenials generation at this time.

Donald Trump

As reported by Mashable known Trump made his Snapchat accounts on Friday. He also recently uploaded two video recordings when they arrive at the White House and attended the inauguration of President that took place some time ago.

Trump Account into the category of verified accounts Snapchat. Interestingly, if the figure of US politicians or officials have the frills emoji US flag beside his Snapchat account name, the name Trump actually spiked emoji flying money, indicating that he recognized reliably in the business world.

Trump is not the first officer who has Snapchat. Earlier, the 44th First Lady Michelle Obama also joined in the social media which is identical to the color yellow.

Michelle Obama's spokesman said the number of posts on the blog will upload his Snapchat social activities Michelle Obama during his tenure as First Lady.

Some of them travels to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain to hold educational counseling women who are going to do in the near future. Besides himself, Obama will be accompanied by a top actress Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto.

Trump himself earlier had revealed that he would be more frequently active in his personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, which already rake in more than 23 million followers.

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