Google Will Remove The Many Applications Of The Play Store

Google reportedly will remove a lot of applications from the app store Google Play Store. It is based on the testimony of many enterprise application developers worldwide who have received an email from Google.

In the email, saying that it violates the developer's application policy user data (User Data Policy) relating to sensitive personal information.

Play Store

As quoted from Phone Arena when an application requesting or receiving personal information or user devices, developers should provide a valid privacy policies to consumers.

Well, the developers who received the email has a deadline until March 15 to provide a link to a privacy policy that applies on the Store Listing page them and on the application.

Developers can also revise the application, so it does not go to request permission to sensitive features such as cameras, microphones, contacts, and accounts and phones. Not only that, it was mentioned by Google, permission to receive data from the user must also exist.

Application developers who fail to provide the requested link could have got the toughest sanctions in the form of removal of an application from the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, some Android developers requested to abide by the rules. They say, will help Google removes apps from the Play Store garbage. That is, most developers agree to when Google removes apps that do not comply with regulations.

Hip Hop application developers Ninja Jack Cooney said, it is pretty good. "This is a fantastic thing, because so many apps and games on Google Play Store. Thus, the removal could increase the visibility of the search when looking for an application," said Cooney.

Furthermore, he said, users will easily find apps Hip Hop Ninja with more relevant search results.For information, until the end of 2016, it is believed there are 2.6 million apps on the Google Play Store. 

Therefore, it would be nice if applications could be cleaned up garbage from the Google application store, thus providing convenience to the users.

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