HMD Global Ready to Release 3 New Nokia at MWC 2017?

Global HMD as the owner of the brand Nokia plans to introduce three new product when carpet Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017. This information was obtained from an anonymous source who knows the company's plans.

Quoted from Venture Beat Global HMD they will bring Nokia 6 at the global launch at MWC 2017. Previously, the smartphone only introduced on a limited basis in the territory of China.


6 In addition to Nokia, the Finnish company is also reportedly helped bring Nokia 3 and 5 to Barcelona, the city where the MWC 2017 held. All products are also likely to run the Android operating system.

Nokia 5 expected to be a 'brother' of Nokia 6. Therefore, the specification that carried this smartphone will not exceed Nokia 6. 

The report mentions the chipset used together with the Nokia Nokia 5 6, but with a smaller screen size, which is 5.2 inch 720p. This smartphone will also be equipped with 2GB RAM, only half of Nokia 6 that has 4GB of RAM.

Nokia 5 reportedly will only wear a 12MP main camera sensor. A number of differences that make the price of Nokia 5 is also likely to be cheaper than its predecessor.

While Nokia 3 is an Android smartphone aimed at the entry-level segment. However, no further information regarding the specifications of the smartphone.

In addition to smartphones, also called the Global HMD will introduce a series of legacy phones Nokia 3310. The company will reportedly announce presence of a modern version of a feature phone that is known for it's durability.

Only, given this news is not yet official, there is the possibility of changes can be made. Therefore, interesting to await the announcement of the Global HMD is scheduled to occur on February 26, 2017.

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