How to Turn Off Notifications Birthday on Facebook

Facebook not only send notifications who commented on the status and upload users. This social networking can send another notification, including telling you who has a birthday.

Unfortunately, these features are often ignored users. In fact, many feel annoyed 'bombarded' a birthday reminder notifications are quite disturbing.

Whether such notifications can be turned off? Certainly can!

To make it easier, you need to access your Facebook settings in the web version. Here's how to turn off notifications birthday on Facebook, as summarized from Business Insider.

How toTurn Off Notifications Birthday on Facebook

First, on the homepage, select the down arrow icon on the screen on the far right. Then find the Settings option at the bottom before Log Out. After clicking Settings, the screen will change. Here, check the option which is perched on the left side of the screen, look for the Notifications.

Settings in the Notifications section, select the option On Facebook. Choose a section What You Get Notified About Birthdays and search options.

Then, select off to turn off the feature.

It's easy, right. Good luck good luck.  

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