iPhone 6 Plus Burned Almost Scorch Room

A woman in Palm Harbor, Florida suddenly awakened from sleep at 3 am local time. At that moment, she was surprised to find the iPhone 6 Plus because of his burns.
iPhone 6 Plus

As quoted from Phone Arena woman named Amanda Bentz was mentioned that the fire originated from the right side of the cell phone. The fire also left a black mark on the table.

Bentz said, pillowcases, blankets, and curtains rooms scorched. At the same time, her husband was looking for a way to extinguish the fire so as not to cause a bigger fire. Mr Bentz has used his shirt to cover the fire on the smartphone.

"If he did not get up and extinguish it, the curtains and the bed would have been burned out," said Amanda Bentz.

Amanda Bentz said, Apple has offered a replacement unit of its iPhone 6 Plus. For now the phone of his own formless. Much like a mixture of molten plastic and glass cracked.

Apple also has responded to questions of local TV station WFLA, calling the company will further examine the burning issue of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Earlier, the South Korean technology giant Samsung has released the results of the investigation to make of that explosion of premium phablet Galaxy Note 7 en masse.

To avoid the incident from happening again, the company implemented battery testing with eight security measures.

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