Is This The Reason Donald Trump Still Use Android?

President of the United States Donald Trump is known to be actively talking on Twitter. According to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, Trump happy twittering on Twitter using his old Android smartphone.

In fact, the assistant Trump at the White House has tried to take the phone number one in the US, and asked Trump to use a high-security cell phone. However, recently, Trump is known still upload nudge from his old phone.

Donald Trump

Business Insider reports citing Trump apparently old phone is the Samsung Galaxy S3 which was first launched in 2012. The last time get a Galaxy S3 Android security update in 2015.

Security experts believe that the phone Donald Trump potential victims of phishing and hacking. Even mentioned that someone could hack into a smartphone Trump and turn it into a space bugs that can make her hackers hear talks in the West Wing or the Oval Office.

It is very understandable reasons Trump reluctant to use extra-security cell phone, as used by President Obama. First, the extra-security mobile phones can only be used to communicate with a number of people who have been approved.

"This phone is good, valuable art, but can not be used to take pictures, you can send a message, the phone can not be used to play music," said Obama some time ago, when commenting on his high-security cell phone.

Trump itself may be very loyal to Samsung. You could say, because Trump is a generation that is not so familiar with computers. Hence, the possibility of it still uses the Galaxy S3 because already comfortable with these devices.

However, being a president means to be prepared with a number of security risks. There is a middle ground for this, although the security forces US president (Secret Service) do not like it, which is using the iPhone. It is believed to make Trump will be much safer than using Android.

Conversely, if the Galaxy S3, security Trump really is not guaranteed, because smartphones are no longer getting updates since 2015.

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