Jiobit, Sophisticated Tools To Monitor and Track Area Children

Nowadays parents are very busy with their work, so sometimes to take care of children so neglected even to keep her she should use the help caregivers or others.

Control and childcare is different when the child was a baby, parents easily give guardians but time is quite large and the school is usually difficult to know of its existence.
But now as a parent in this advanced era where children can easily know the location of its existence. This powerful tool named Jiobit. This small tracking device can be inserted in your child's clothing or wrist and will send a notification to the parents about their location.

Jiobit is a small device such as a clip-on that combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile sort of hybrid of a location tracking system that does not exist in product tracking other children.

This device has a very long durability that can last for two months. A tracking device is claimed to be very accurate either be indoors or outdoors. Unfortunately for using these devices, its owner must pay in about $ 8 - $ 12.

System tracking device works using a hybrid, for example, bad cell signal it will indirectly use Blueetooth network or using Wi-Fi to keep battery usage as low as possible.

Users can also use the Jiobit Jiobit application that allows parents to invite their friends, family members, teachers and others to be connected with Jiobit.

In addition the device is equipped with machine learning. Where this feature will alert the parents if their children leave school before the clock expires.

You can also activate the mode "Follow me" that will help keep track of your child in places outside the school such as parks, shops or malls, quoted from