Keep an Eye Caught Users, Producers Smart TV's Fined $ 2 Million

Manufacturers of electronic devices from the United States (US), Vizio have to pay a fine of US $ 2 million for consumers caught snooping through smart TV produced.

As reported by The Verge Vizio turned out to monitor and record the viewing habits of 11 million users without the knowledge of consumers for more than two years.

Smart TV
Consumers also make demands on Vizio last year. After fined, Vizio also now forbidden to record the activity of smart TV users without their permission.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), when this happens, Vizio has collected personal information or data consumer. Data showing information age, income, educational background, gender, status, and more. However, it is not the name of the users.

"The information is sold to companies analytic and advertisers to use to target your advertising," said FTC.

Lesley Fair, one of the team of plaintiff lawyers say, "Vizio make these data as a farm business to make money," said Fair.

Smart TV Vizio has a tracking feature that is already installed "default" from the manufacturer. Not surprisingly, consumers do not know that they were from the beginning was monitored by Vizio. Now, Vizio no longer install the default option in the newest products.

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