Nintendo Switch Equipped With Remote Control Application Parents

The realm of the game world rife as the rivalry between the two leading game console manufacturers namely between the Play Station and Nintendo. This time Nintendo released its newest product named Nintendo Switch.
Nintendo gaming device Switch offers portable gaming experience that is interesting for at home or outside the home. Besides Nintendo also recently made a companion app for the console game will be available on iOS and Android which will be launched on 3 March 2017.
Nintendo Switch
Application is made for parents to monitor their children who were playing games on the Nintendo game console Switch. With this application is expected parents can monitor and restrict how long his son play the game so it does not interfere with health and education.
All features will be present in this application does not mean the limitation to tamper with the existing game but preventing children from playing a game that is considered not appropriate for age.
These restrictions can be set Nintendo Switch will close the games being played right at 9 pm. It is certainly to limit the child to rest or sleep immediately so as not be late for school the next day or waking up late, and reactivate the device when they are home from school or as determined by their parents.
Applications are named Nintendo Switch Parental Controls will launch on Android and iOS devices. This app will be offered as a free download for both platforms, as quoted from PhoneArena.