Prevent Data Leakage, Republicans Use Special Applications

Trump government members and Republicans use a special application to prevent their conversation leak and hacking. The messages in encrypted application called Confide was even able to "self-destruct".

This was revealed by Jonathan Swan and David McCabe, as quoted by The Verge. Revealed, according to Swan and McCabe, a number of high-ranking Republicans and some members of the government Trump has downloaded Confide in their device, automatically delete messages sent in the service, after the messages read.

Data Loss
One of the Republican Party officials say the app provides a "cover" for people in his party. According to his testimony, they tried such applications because of massive hacking case that befall the Democratic National Committee in the past year.

But apart from that, he also said another reason it uses Confide that the messages in the application is difficult to be made screenshot. Because, Confide only display a few words at a time on the screen.

Confide first released in 2013 in iOS. This application is one of several products - including TigerText and Vaporstream - who adapted the concept of messaging app Snapchat, into something more formal.

Previous Threat Intelligence Director Avast Software, Michal Salat, hacking assess the Democratic National Committee is a concrete example of information warfare.

"There are many ways you can do the hacker to be abusing the contents of email, for example, the spread of confidential information to the public, blackmail victim or use it to trade shares. Hacking system US Democratic Party and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic is a concrete example of the information war," said Michal.

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