Production Apple iPhone in India Beginning April 2017

Apple will begin assembling the iPhone in India in late April 2017. The Company has appointed Tiawan manufacturing origin, Wistron Corp, to assemble the iPhone in the country.

Certainty iPhone production in India submitted directly by local officials. "IPhone will be created in Bangalore and all devices will be targeted for the domestic market," said Minister of Information Technology Karnataka state, India, Priyank Kharge, as reported by Bloomberg.


Apple executives have met with Kharge in January and confirm the time of production. IPhone production in India is estimated to signal updates the focus in the country, given the growth in China was weakening and other markets that are more mature.

Kharge said that India would help Apple if you decide to use other contract manufacturers there. However, he asserted that India and Apple did not discuss the incentives.

As we all know, Apple previously reported to have a series of demands, including the reduction or removal of a temporary tax for 15 years for equipment and components imports in India.

Apple's interest in India has seen since some time ago. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple, Tim Cook, never mentioned India as "a place that would be the goal." He also has visited the country for the first time in May 2016, and asked for permission to open the Apple Store there.

Apple Store in India assessed will be an important step growing iPhone user base in the country. India asserts that Apple, like other retail brands, if you want to build a store that sold the product must contain 30 percent local components.

But the government give a little leeway, so that technology companies can operate stores them for three years before fulfilling these requirements.

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