Russia to hand Snowden to the US as a 'Gift' to Trump?

Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who disclose details of US intelligence activities, has been living in exile in Moscow since 2013. Now, he could have been sent back to the US to face espionage charges.

According to NBC, as quoted from Fortune US intelligence sources have obtained information that says Russia may extradite Snowden as a "gift" to win the hearts of the new US president, Donald Trump. The US government earlier in the Obama described Snowden as being a "traitor" who should be executed.

Edward Snowden

But lawyer Snowden said he had no information about this news. NBC reports citing information from two sources in the US intelligence community. Here are the pieces of the report.

"A senior US official who has analyzed a series of intelligence reports are very sensitive, detailing consideration of Russia, said the handover Snowden is one of several" gifts "to" lick "Trump. A second source confirmed (action) intelligence about the talks and noted these considerations has been collected since the inauguration (Trump). "

If the reports are accurate, and if Snowden extradited, this certainly will be a sensation. In the neighborhood of Snowden intelligence is seen as a traitor by many people.

But people see him as a whistle-blower who revealed the activity of the US government oversees and collects data on telephone and internet Americans.

Last year Snowden supporters launched a campaign, which is supported by the producer and film director Oliver Stone, to be forgiven for Snowden, but it failed to persuade the Obama campaign. Many parties in government Trump Snowden fate seemed not much different.

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