Samsung Will Build Factory Household Products in the US?

Samsung Electronics Co. likely to build a special plant of houseware products in the United States. Thus described by a source within the company.

Reuters quoting sources said the South Korean company that seeks to answer the criticism of the latter's import policy discussed by President Donald Trump.


People who declined to be named, said, at this time not yet decided the amount of investment and where Samsung will build a plant in the United States.  

Earlier, the US government threatened imposition of import duties on a number of giant technology company in the world. Trump then calling that overseas companies to build manufacturing and invest more in the US.

In cuitannya use @realDonaldTrump account grateful to Samsung because of the desire to build a factory in the US.

"Thank you, @samsung! We will be happy to welcome you !," Trump said in a nudge.

Samsung declined to comment on its plans to add production facilities in the United States. Even so, the company has added to justify the investment in the US. Including invest US $ 17 billion for its chip plant in Austin, Texas.

"We will continue to evaluate the need for investment in the United States that will help us serve our customers," said Samsung via email.

Besides Samsung, last month Hyundai Motor Group plans to increase investment in the US by 50 percent to US $ 3.1 billion over five years. Not only that, LG Electronics Inc. also announced in January, the company will decide whether to build a manufacturing base in the US in the first half of this year.

Korea Investment Analyst Jay Yoo said, to build a factory for assembling the equipment will not result in losses for companies like Samsung or LG. 

However, if the tax imposed import restrictions, the investment to build the plant will be important if the two South Korean companies that want to remain competitive in competing with the United States.

"Of course, the cost will go up, but if they do not do that, they will be constrained rates," said Yoo.

Meanwhile, LG is considering building a factory of household appliances and televisions in Tennessee, United States. Unfortunately, the LG spokesman declined to comment.

"This is a matter to be considered for many years by LG, but the current political situation speed up decision making," said the source.

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