Start Aggressive Twitter Dismiss Inappropriate Content

One of the main focuses of Twitter is to make services safer. Even the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Twitter on Twitter that the company used a new approach to stop the violence in the microblogging site.

A few days after the chirp Dorsey, Twitter has released three new information regarding the company's efforts to make its services free of inappropriate content.

Twitter CEO

First, Twitter will strive so that users that have been blocked can not re-use the service with a new account. Companies are reluctant to disclose the process, because they do not want people "play the system".

But a source said, Twitter will use a combination of human review and machine learning technology or algorithm so that users that have been blocked can not be rejoined.

The second step, Twitter added the "safe search" that deletes tweet with the words, sentences and images are not polite in the search results. Users can enable and disable the feature.

In addition, Twitter will begin to hide replies inappropriate tweet, so it will not appear in the user conversation. Tweets containing words, sentences and images that are considered inappropriate by the company will be hidden from the conversation, and the user must click on the new button "show less relevant replies" to see it. Thus quoted from Recode.

Twitter will also use an algorithm to automatically hide the tweet-tweet it deemed inappropriate. According to a spokesman for Twitter, users can disable this feature.

Twitter's new strategy is expected to clean up its services from inappropriate content and the like. A decade Twitter stand, and the problem of inappropriate content on the service has tarnished his image.

This problem arises because the user can create a tweet anonymously and only need an email address to create an account.

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