Stop! Do Not Use Laptop And Mobile in Mattresses, Risk of Death Stalking You

Using a laptop or smartphone in bed is fun. We can play games or listen to music while dozing. Habits like this often do young people when idling.
Actually habit like this is not good and could pose a danger. Especially if you play laptop or smartphone while charging the battery. Charge the battery in the laptop and the mattress can cause excessive heat resulting in a fire. Even in some cases the gadget can explode.
Laptop user error is putting his laptop in bed while in use or charging. Yet while it is operating, the bottom of the laptop heat. If you put it in the mattress, the heat can burn the sheets that have a soft surface. The same is true for smartphones.
Case of fire and death because one using a laptop or a mobile phone is often the case. The latest is a British citizen who suffered a fire in her bed. Lucky the fire was not enlarged and can be extinguished.
The proper use when using the laptop is put on a solid surface, such as a table or the floor. Better yet, if you buy a cooling fan to neutralize the heat in the bottom of the laptop.
In addition to using the cooling fan, you can also use the objects around to neutralize the heat. Like putting a laptop on the floor during use and charging. Ceramic floor surfaces are dense and tends to be cold can cool your laptop when it is being used. The same thing you can do to smartphone when charging.